Program: 2017 American Society of Church History/American Catholic Historical Association Joint Spring Meeting

Berkeley, CA April 6-9, 2017

PLEASE NOTE: This program is subject to revision. Please consult this page for the most current version of the program.

Thursday Evening  April 6, 2017
Opening Reception at GTU.

5-7  Registration and Opening Reception GTU
GTU LeConte St. Building Student Lounge and Doug Adams Gallery

7PM -Dinner in the area.

Some local people will be taking groups to our favorite local eating places, there will be a place to sign up at the reception.

Friday  April 7, 2017

7:00 AM Women’s Breakfast   – Hotel Shattuck Restaurant reserved area

7:30 Registration outside the Boiler Room Ballroom A, B, and C at the Shattuck Hotel

8:00-10:00  First morning session

Boiler Room A: “Pedagogy Round Table: Teaching Church History in a Multifaith World”

    • Barbara Brown Zikmund, Hartford Semintary, Chair and Moderator
    • Deanna Ferree Womack, Candler School of Theology “Pedagogies for Christian-Muslim Dialogue”
    • Anne Perez, University of California, Davis, “Teaching Jewish Studies in Conversation with Church History”
    • Amy Poppinga, Bethel University,   “Teaching Islamic Studies in a Majority Christian Classroom.”

Boiler Room B: “Now praise we famous men, the Father’s name in Story”: Wesleyan Faith in the Gold Coast (Paper Titles TBA)

  • Vincent A.  Adzika, Regent University College of Science and Technology
  • Joseph M. Y. Edusa-Eyison, Methodist University College, Ghana
  • Isaac Etuah-Jackson, Trinity Theological Seminary, Legon
  • Boiler Room C Catholic Women and Reform
  • Kirsi Sjerna, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, Chair and Comment
  • Elissa Cutter, Loyola Marymount University  “Women, Reform, and the Council of Trent: Angélique Arnauld’s Reform of the Convent of Port-Royal
  • Katya Mouris, Catholic University of America,  “’Here I stand’”: Women Religious’ Opposition to the Protestant Reformation”
  • Sister Donna Maria Moses, OP EdD, Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose, “Our German Roots and Heritage: Dominican Women Propagating the Faith and Renewing the Church in Europe after the Secularization”

10:30-12:30 Second morning session

Boiler Room A   “Culture and Reform: Reshaping the Seventh Day Adventist Church”

  • Paul  McGraw, Pacific Union College,  Chair/Comment,
  • Kevin M. Burton, Florida State University,  “Apocalypticism, Patriotism, and a Fighting “Peace” Church: Seventh-day Adventist Soldiers in the Civil War”
  • Greg Howell, Regent University,  “The Origins of the Seventh-day Adventist Reform Movement: Conflict Over Non-Combatancy During World War I and the Creation of a New Denomination”
  • Michael W. Campbell, Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, Philippines “Seventh-day Adventism and Fundamentalism: A Case Study of the 1919 Bible Conference”

Boiler Room B:  “Protestant Women Missionaries and Deaconesses in the Progressive Era”

  • Valerie Bailey Fischer, General Theological Seminary  “A Look At the History of the Term “Set Apart” as Applied to Women Deaconesses in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era”
  • Jeanyoun Kim, Graduate Theological Union “Women’s ministry and professionalization: A case of the Deaconesses of San Francisco National Training School (1893-1934) of the Methodist Episcopal Church”
  • Jennifer Snow, Church Divinity School of the Pacific  “The Personal Becomes Professional: The Mission of the Christian Home and the Development of Global Ecumenicism”

Boiler Room C : “Reform of Ideas/Reform of Religion in the Medieval Eras”

  • Arthur Holder, Graduate Theological Union  “Mysticism and Reform in the Venerable Bede
  • Gavin Fort, Northwestern University “Past as Present: Nostalgia and the Role of Eden in Medieval Religious Reform”
  • Andrew K. Lee,  Graduate Theological Union, “Going in Circles: Reforming the Image of St. Brendan the Voyager into a Model of Monastic Stability”

12:30-1:30 Lunch in the area.

A list of nearby restaurants with a variety of foods and matching a variety of budgets will be provided.

1:30-3:30   First Afternoon Session

Boiler Room A: New Perspectives on Evangelical Reform in the British Atlantic 1730-1830

  • Marilyn Westerkamp, University of California, Santa Cruz, Chair and Comment
  • Ryan Butler,  Baylor University  “”We Individual Men of a Despised School”: The Clerical Subculture of the Clapham Sect”
  • Matt Millsap, Baylor University,  “‘The Wiles of Popery’: Anti-Catholicism and Evangelical Political Culture in the Early South”
  • Peter Moore, Texas A & M University Corpus Christi, “The Evangelical ‘Movement’ and the Limits of Reform in Colonial South Carolina”

Boiler Room B: Mormonism: Reform, Revelation and Reinterpretations

  • Randal L. Powell,  Washington State Univ., Pullman,  “‘Hanging as by a Thread’: Mormonism, the New Deal, and the Mormon Apocalyptic Tradition”
  • Scott Marianno, LDS Church History Department, “The Mormon Image in the Lutheran Mind: Anti-Mormonism in Twentieth-Century Denmark”
  • Mason Kamana Allred,  Joseph Smith Papers Project   “Panoramic Visions: Mediating Mormon Revelatory Experience
  • Jeremy Talmage, Univ. of Utah   “Effusions of an Enthusiastic Brain”: Joseph Smith’s First Vision and the Limits of Experiential Religion

Boiler Room C: Latino Catholic Activism and Social Reform

  • Douglas J.  Slawson, National University, San Diego, Birth Control in Puerto Rico: Capitalism and Neo-Malthusianism v. Social Justice and Culture
  • Maggie Elmore, University of California, Berkeley  “Wielding the Cross: How Mexican American Organizations and the Catholic Church Made Immigration Reform a Civil Rights Issue”

4:00-6:00 PM Second Afternoon Session

Boiler Room A:  American Catholic Bishops Address Issues of the Sixties and Seventies

  • Fr. Richard Gribble, Stonehill College,  “Bishop Humberto Medeiros, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and Hispanics: The Brownsville Years, 1966-1970”
  • Christopher Moreland  Graduate Theological Union,  The “New World” of Bishop Mark Joseph Hurley: Human Values and the Christian-Marxist Encounter, 1972-1978

Boiler Room B:  Toward Dialogue and Tolerance in the Post-Reformation Era

  • Padraic Rohan, Stanford University, “Protestants, Catholics, and Muslims: Reformation Responses to the Ottoman Empire”
  • Felix Ehimare Enegho, Kogi State University, Anyigba, Nigeria   “Christian-Muslim Dialogue in Nigeria: Five Hundred Years after the Protestant Reformation”
  • Joseph Leconte, King’s College, NY  “Reform in the Early Modern Church and its Implications for Religious Toleration

Boiler Room C: American Social Gospels and Social Reform

  • Eric N. Newberg, Oral Roberts University,  “Charles G. Finney and the Legacy of Progressive Social Engagement”
  • Christina Littlefield, Pepperdine University,  “For the Right: Social Gospel leader Walter Rauschenbusch’s failed newspaper for working men”
  • Matthew Hill, Columbia International University, “Christianity, Slavery, and Civil Rights: A Comparative Look at Frederick Douglass and Martin Luther King Jr. on the Role of the American Church in Reform”

 6PM  Dinner in the Area

Local hosts will again take groups to our favorite restaurants nearby.  Sign up at the Registration Desk

Saturday  April 8, 2017

7AM Graduate Student Breakfast in the Shattuck Hotel Restaurant reserved area

7:30 AM Registration Desk open outside the Boiler Room Ballroom

8:00 AM -10:00 AM First Morning Session

Boiler Room A: Afterlives of Reformation

  • Darin D. Lenz, Fresno Pacific University “Hail Luther’s Contribution”: A Sixteenth-Century Reformer in Cold War America
  • Christopher Boyd Brown, Boston University School of Theology  “Johann Mathesius and the Construction of Luther’s History”
  • Mark Lee, University of Oxford, “Madness after the Reformation: Anxiety and Atonement in Early Nineteenth-Century Experiences of Insanity”

Boiler Room B: Medieval Spirituality and Reform

  • Enrico Beltramini, Notre Dame de Namur University,   History and Becoming in Henri de Lubac
  • Joseph Creamer, University at Albany SUNY “The Spirituality of Reformist Bishops after Lateran IV: The Case of St. Richard of Chichester”

Boiler Room C: New Considerations of Mission History

  • Marilyn Färdig Whiteley, Independent Scholar “The Falling-out of Andrew Iverson and Otto Tank: Defining the Shape of Moravian Missions”
  • Yinghua Liu, Christian Leadership Institute (Sunnyvale, CA) “Chinese Converts’ Faith and the Proscription of the Jesuit China Mission in 1724—A Textual Interpretation”
  • Brandon Flint,  University of Missouri, “’Consumed with Hatred of All Goodness:’ The Impact of Anti-Communism on the Rise of Short-Term Missions”
  • Tomas Smith, University of Cambridge, “From Mission to Reform: American Protestant Mission Children, Mission History, and Political Change in Late-Nineteenth-Century Hawai‘i”

10:30-12:30 Second Morning Session

Boiler Room A: Pedagogy – Teaching History of Christianity Outside the Academy

  • Michael Jimenez, Azusa Pacific University, “Christian History at the Boundaries: Focusing on the Underside of History”
  • Brad Stoddard, McDaniel College, “I was in prison and you visited me”: Christian Pedagogy in Faith-Based Prisons”

Boiler Room B: Unexpected Reformations

  • Andy Johnson III, Bethel Seminary, San Diego, “The Protestant Reformation and the Origin of the Seminary as the Standard Way to Prepare for Christian Ministry”
  • Raluca Bojor, Wheaton College Graduate School, “The Transylvanian Reformation”
  • Laurel-Joy Lied, Aarhus University, “Both Royal and Rebel: Using Det Kongelige Vajsenhus as a way to understand the Danish Pietist Reform movement”

Boiler Room C: Church of the Brethren Teaching and Scholarship: New Considerations of its History and Origins

  • Ken Rogers, Bethany Theological Seminary, Richmond, Indiana  “The Question of Brethren Beginnings:  Two Answers”
  • Mark Daniel Safstrom, University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne : “’God’s Glory, Neighbor’s Good’: Teaching the History of Pietism through Documentary Film”

12:30-2:00 Lunch in the Area

2:00-4:00   Afternoon session

Boiler Room A: Reformation and the Body

  • Kirsi Stjerna, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, Chair and Comment
  • Thomas J. Santa Maria,  Yale University  “To Embrace or Eschew the Senses for the Sake of the Soul? The Reformations and the Role of the Senses in the Spiritual Life”
  • Joshua K. Warfield, Graduate Theological Union, “Family Values, Sodomy, and Queer Sexuality in the Reformation”
  • David Chao, Princeton University “The Power to Resist Domination: Martin Luther and Thomas Aquinas on Justification, Justice, and Political Agency”

Boiler Room B: The Psalms as a Resource for the Reformation

  • Joe Amato, Stanford University, “The Mechanisms of Reformation: Savonarola and Luther on Psalm 80”
  • Katrina Jennie-Lou Wheeler, The Graduate Center CUNY, “Genevan Reform Meets French Enlightenment: Eighteenth-Century Huguenot Use of the Psalter”

Boiler Room C: Long Influence of Early Christian Reform Movements

  • David G. Hunter, University of Kentucky,  “Divorce and Remarriage in the Early Church: The Western Tradition Prior to Augustine”
  • Dan Yingst, University of Chicago Divinity School, “Visions of Reform in Honorius Augustodunensis”
  • Paul Hartog, Faith Baptist Theological Seminary, “Tertullian, Lactantius, and Post-Reformation Authors on “Religious Liberty”

5:30 PM Reception and Plenary Address at the Bade Museum, Pacific School of Religion

6 PM Plenary Address:  Ethan Shagan  “From the Reformation of Belief to the Discipline of Unbelievers”

Sunday  April 9, 2017

Sessions are at Pacific School of Religion, Mudd classrooms

8:00-10:00 AM   First Morning Session

Mudd 100: The English Reformation

  • Patrick Hornbeck, Fordham University  “Remembering Wolsey:”’ Protestant Mythologies of Henry VIII’s Cardinal”
  • Tanner Moore, University of Cincinnati “Regulating Worship: An Analysis of the legal and theological changes of Eucharistic doctrine in the Church of England under Edward VI”
  • Alex Fogleman, Baylor University, “Reforming Beyond the Reformation: Edward Pusey’s Patristic Ressourcement and the Renewal of the Nineteenth-Century English Church”
  • Michael Lind Menna,  Stanford University ‘“When we remember More”: Placing The Book of Sir Thomas More in the Late-Elizabethan World’

 Mudd 102: Cases of Micro History

  • Adam Ascher Duker,  American University in Cairo, “Holy Writ as Lucky Charms in the French Civil Wars: How Might We Interpret Hebrew Writings Found on Early Modern Corpses?
  • Allison Edgren,  Loyola Marymount University, ““The Importunate Beggars, the Imitators, and the Tricksters”:  Begging in Fourteenth-Century Augsburg”
  • Mudd 103   Documentary Film:  “An American Conscience: The Reinhold Niebuhr Story”
  • K. Healan Gaston, Harvard Divinity School

10:30-12:30 Second Morning Session

Mudd 100: Reformation Historiography and Collective Identities

  • Andrew Sinclair Hudson, University of Pennsylvania “Pentecostal Time and American Church History: Pentecostal historiography and the latent legacy of Reformation theology on American Church History”
  • Mark Draper, Evangelical Seminary, Myerstown PA, “The role of the Protestant Reformation in the construction of the myth of the American Christian Nation”
  • Mxolisi Michael Sokupa, Stellenbosch University, “Ellen G. White: Her Reformation Historiography

Mudd 102: American Evangelicalism and questions of truth and authority

  • Candy Gunther Brown, Indiana University, Chair and Comment
  • Bruce Hindmarsh, Regent College,  “Look upon Nothing as Separate from God: Evangelicals and the Rise of Science”
  • Regina Wenger  Central Mennonite Church, Archbold, OH  “Taking the Stand: God’s Not Dead 2, Religious Freedom in Schools, and Questions of Authority in American Evangelicalism”

Mudd 103: Christian Enlightenment

  • Jim Thomforde,  University of Edinburgh, “Jonathan Edwards and the Happiness for Which God Created the World”
  • Ulrich Lehner,  Marquette University “Freedom of Speech as a Characteristic of Catholic Reform? The Case of Ludovico Muratori

Also Available:  A list of Churches in the Bay Area with interesting Palm Sunday Services and A collection of self-guided field trips to local sites related to the History of Christianity will be provided.

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